Hair Transplant vs. PRP Hair Restoration: What’s Better?

Published on November 20, 2019
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Thinning hair is an issue that many people face as they age. Unfortunately, not much can be done to prevent hair from thinning or falling out — but, treatments, such as getting a hair transplant, can assist in restoring the volume of hair along the hairline. 

In the past, the only form of hair restoration available was extremely painful, expensive, and time-consuming. Fortunately, research has brought the field a long way and findings have paved the way for technological developments at the cellular level. 

Hair treatment technology has now developed to a point where the non-surgical alternative to traditional hair transplants, called PRP, or Platelet Rich Plasma Injections is available — the most modern way to jump-start hair growth without the need for surgery.

Hair transplants require surgery — essentially, surgically removing hair follicles from one part of the body, and then moves it to the balding areas of the scalp. 

Typically, the follicles are taken from the back of the scalp. Each individual hair follicle will need to be placed on the scalp, so it is a time-consuming process. Hair grafting can take twelve hours or more to complete! Anesthesia and sedation are both used when the patient chooses to get a hair transplant procedure done. There will also be up to three days of downtime, and you will be able to see where the procedure was done for up to a month after the procedure has been completed. 

If the male patient is under 30 years old, it is likely that they will need additional transplant procedures in the future. This is simply due to the fact that hair loss accelerates with age. Remember, hair transplants do not stop hair loss — it just replaces follicles where the hair is missing. Cost-wise, most clinics charge per skin graft, and a typical hair transplant procedure can cost between $5,000 to $20,000.

Ideal candidates for hair transplant surgery must have: 

  • Thinning hair
  • Male or female pattern baldness
  • Have donor follicles available
  • Do not have medical conditions that would make hair transplant surgery a risk

What is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)?

The new technique for hair growth is PRP, or “Platelet Rich Plasma”. With this procedure, blood is taken from the patient and placed in a centrifuge. The plasma, which is rich in platelets, is then separated. These platelets stimulate hair follicles to encourage growth. 

Plasma (containing up to 8x the follicle stimulators as regular blood) is then injected into the patient’s scalp with a small needle. PRP treatments work best in areas of thinning hair. One benefit that PRP treatment has over traditional hair transplant is that it actually helps to stop future hair loss

Recovery Time

Most treatments take under three hours. There is no downtime. The follicles that have been restored will need time to grow new hairs, so results won’t be noticeable for a month or more. This is a completely natural hair restoration procedure, so patients that are not ideal candidates for traditional hair transplant procedures may still qualify for PRP treatment for hair loss. Multiple sessions may be needed, but it is very cost-effective when compared to transplant surgery.

Ideal candidates for PRP hair treatment are:

  • Looking to enhance the results of a previous hair transplant surgery 
  • Have thinning hair (But not with significant hair loss)
  • Able to do multiple treatment sessions
  • Those looking for a more noninvasive way to treat thinning hair.

The best way to determine which procedure is ideal for you is to schedule a consultation with a clinician that offers both procedures. An experienced hair loss and restoration medical professional will take your specific case and desires into account. They will help you to determine the cause of your hair loss and come up with an individualized treatment option, and guide you through it every step of the way to make sure you understand the process and what your result will look like.

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