The condition of your nails says a lot about your overall health and many conditions can affect the way they look, grow, and how strong they are. Trauma and repeated injury can cause them to become predisposed to infection through yeast and other bacterium. In order to maintain the overall health and appearance of your nails there are a few things you should do to care for them.

  1. Avoid injury and excessive manicures to your nails and the skin surrounding them.
  2. Keep your nails short, but do not cut them all the way. In addition, don’t push nail files or other objects into the quick under your nails.
  3. If you happen to have your nails professionally cared for at a salon, bring your own tools and cosmetic products. In addition, leaving acrylic nails on for too long can cause your natural nails to thin out. If you leave nail polish on your nails for too long, it can cause your natural nails to turn yellow (temporarily).
  4. Do not remove the cuticles surrounding your nails. They are there to protect your nails and the skin around them from chemicals and infection causing bacteria.
  5. Avoid washing your hands excessively and apply lotion to your hands, feet and nails at least two times a day. If you wash your hands more than this you should apply lotion every single time
  6. Always wear protective gloves when doing any type of work that involves liquids, chemicals, raw foods, citrus and other irritating substances.
  7. Avoid formaldehyde containing nail lacquers and polishes. Removing these and other types of nail cosmetics is best when done with acetate nail polish remover.
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